Eco Modular Homes

Knockdown and Rebuild

Even the most luxurious and beautiful homes will age and either need some serious renovation work or need to be knocked down and rebuilt completely.  If your Perth home no longer hits the mark and you’ve decided it’s time to start fresh, let’s discuss the very popular, knockdown and rebuild...

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Luxury modular homes are on the rise

The demand for luxury prefabricated and modular homes is on a meteoric rise in line with the awareness that prefab homes don’t have to be sub-par to conventional homes.  As written by the Wall Street Journal,   “manufactured homes are getting a luxe update, as more homeowners embrace prefabricated properties for their...

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Small Home Builders Perth

The Future of Perth’s Sustainability

Cities like Perth draw humans to them like steel to a magnet. With increasing numbers of people pinning their hopes and fortunes on our city, there is a greater need than ever for Perth to improve its sustainability through the years. Sustainability means carefully managing all available resources so that we...

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Small Eco Homes

The Three Little Building Methods

One fine summer’s day, the three little pigs were nursing their lattes at a hipster café in Fremantle and bickering. You see, all three of them were each in the process of designing and building their very own customised home, but they couldn’t agree on what was the most sustainable

Bricks Vs. SIPS (Structural Isulated Panels)

An often overlooked, but important factor to consider when you decide to build your own home, is the materials in which you choose to build with. In the early 1960’s, the choice of building double brick was the most obvious decision to most home builders. And although double brick is...

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environmentally friendly homes

Building for the Future

You’re going to change and adapt over the course of your lifetime: people will come and go, your needs will shift and vary, and your preferences will transform along the way. Have you ever imagined a home that could stay right with you through all of life’s changes? Well, we...

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