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Knockdown and Rebuild

Even the most luxurious and beautiful homes will age and either need some serious renovation work or need to be knocked down and rebuilt completely.  If your Perth home no longer hits the mark and you’ve decided it’s time to start fresh, let’s discuss the very popular, knockdown and rebuild option.


What is a knockdown and rebuild?

Whilst rather self explanatory, the knockdown and rebuild is the process of demolishing your existing home to build a new home – on the same block of land.  Modular and prefabricated construction is perfect for this as your home is built completely off site, delivered and assembled which cuts down the time you need to find alternate accommodation.


So what are the key reasons you would take this option?



There’s often no need to explain it – if you love the area, the suburb, the local coffee spots and community amenities, why would you want to leave?  If moving somewhere else is not appealing, but you’ve outgrown your current home, a knockdown rebuild solves this issue neatly.  While building a new home might seem like a daunting project, fear not!  Building with a proven prefabricated builder such as FORM Homes can easily save you time, stress and believe it or not, money.  There are a number of transaction costs in moving homes but the biggest cost is stamp duty.  If you stay in your existing home, you just saved tens of thousands of dollars in stamp duty fees.



Scrolling through for hours is exciting at first but can quickly wear off when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. “Wrong suburb” (see above), “house is too small”, “house is too old” are just some of the countless reasons you can’t find the home of your dreams.  Ultimately, someone else built those homes so why not do the same?  By building your own home, you can have exactly what you ever wanted.

  • Man-cave?  Check
  • Kitchen scullery?  Sure thing
  • Pool for the kids?  What size do you want it


Straight forward

Believe it or notknocking down your existing home and replacing it with a luxury, prefabricated FORM home is potentially more affordable than renovating (depending on the size).   Renovations notoriously run over budget because once you pull on a thread, it doesn’t stop.  Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know and the building may have major structural issues or plumbing/electric faults that can dramatically increase the costs.

Building with FORM homes for a knockdown and rebuild gives you transparency right from the start.  You know exactly what you’re getting right from the planning stage so you can stress less about the potential issues around the corner and focus more on the fixtures and fittings.




Have you considered starting a new on your existing block of land?  We’d love to hear your thoughts and work together on your dream home!  Here at FORM Homes, we’re building  high performance, individually designed homes that are built around you.  Contact us at to take the next step