>About The Dream Team

It’s the people that create the product…

We are a collection of people who are passionate about architectural design and the construction of high performing, energy-efficient homes for the future.

We are enthusiastically turning conventional construction on its head to develop the world’s most energy-efficient homes, better suited to the Australian environment and meticulously designed around our unique way of living.

We build

around you

Meet the dream team

Jonathan is a details man. Constantly thinking, reading and devouring documentaries Jono is the man you want filling your table at a quiz night – the collection of random and fascinating facts this man has at his fingertips is astounding! Emboldened by awe-inspiring design and innovative construction techniques learned through his many years of global travel, Jono is the ultimate hunter-gather. When he’s not on a construction site, you can find him indulging in his passion for kite-surfing, mountain biking and contemplating his next culinary creation.

Terry likes Classic cars, houseboats and anything craft beer. With a propensity to dream, Terry is a fervent collector of fix-me-uppers, transported optimistically by his vision of the wondrous completed project. A family man, Terry is proud of his place in the pecking order, wedged firmly below the cat and the ipad but just ahead of the fish. Loves: Building, in particular challenging old construction methods in order to provide quality homes of the future. That…and his very big shed…

Clare’s preferred mode of transport is her brand new kick scooter – there’s nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair as you cruise the streets on two wheels. Passionate about jazz, European films, Palm Springs style and dry Riesling, Clare’s goal is to challenge the way we interact with the built form and create beautiful synergy between space and occupant.

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