Homes that adapt to changes in lifestyle, income & family.
You would never have imagined such a home would exist.

Imagine a home that keeps pace with you, over your whole lifetime.

We’re offering a completely new, more sophisticated, more sustainable and affordable housing model for Western Australia. An incredibly space efficient model that grows, that breathes, that contracts with change, your change! Whether it be for lifestyle, financial growth or retirement downsizing.


We’ve imagined a home you can own sooner, one offering living options, investment growth and a nest egg for later. A home rethinking the long term.

We’ve done our research and found no home on the market that offers such diverse, long term options. One offering both lifestyle enhancement and options of financial reward.


Families grow and lifestyles change. A home that is comfortable today can become constrictive tomorrow. What is comfortable today can become a burden tomorrow.

The adaptive home can be morphed throughout its lifespan to accommodate your demands either as a family home or a vehicle toward financial independence and security.


Sustainability in housing isn’t just about green building technologies! It’s about long term housing affordability and financial stability, it’s about adaption to change.

Built into these innovative homes are a host of re-purposing options that we believe match with a family staging cycle of around 10-15 years, from your first home to retirement.


Adaptive is a flexible guy who’s completely at home in any established urban area or a newly developed estate.

Adaptive Studio

This is a great option when you want to generate an income in holiday destinations. Renting out the ancillary living space or even the primary home can generate either a great seasonal boost, or your own getaway. You can live in whichever residence suits your current needs, which means that you can rent out the other portion to make a huge contribution toward your mortgage. The separate studio apartment can be used for care of ageing parents, or family members who need a little bit of extra care.

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Adaptive Work

Think about being able to go home for lunch, just a few steps away!
You can repurpose the Adaptive Homes to balance more bedrooms with a private, independent home office that has its own direct access. Perfect for professionals working from home, or natural health practitioners, the possibilities
are almost endless!

Sustainable Homes
Adaptive Family

Adaptive Homes are perfect if you want to bring your whole family home, keeping everyone under one roof, but still completely private and with room to breathe. You can configure the home to suit your family’s demand for living space and internal privacy. For example, change the separated living spaces around as needed as your kids become teenagers.

Ancillary Homes

More IMPRESSIVE Floorplans Coming Soon!