>Our Process 4 Simple Steps

We build homes following a process that’s more efficient than a German train station.

Modular building is fundamentally faster that conventional building methods because we can manufacture, assemble and perform site works simultaneously.






Stage 1


First we schedule a discovery meeting so we can get a clear understanding of your needs.

We analyse your budget and we help you choose your build option. This is the fun bit as you decide whether to go for one of our architecturally designed models, adapt an existing model to suit your needs, or choose a Freeform bespoke model designed exclusively for you.

Key Points
  • Zero commitment at this stage
  • Choosing an existing design has no additional charge
  • Alterations to our existing designs from $1,500
  • FREEFORM concept plans from $3,500
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Stage 2


The next step is to sign the Plan Preparation Agreement (PPA). There is a greater financial commitment at this stage as we get stuck into the nitty gritty. We submit the concept to the local planning authority for consent (Development Application). The site survey and site works evaluation are carried out. You can receive a beautiful, 3D render of your house. This is something tangible for you to visualise what your future home will look like.

Key Points
  • PPA for standard models – 4% to 6% of overall construction cost
  • Engineering, soil sampling, energy assessment and site survey
  • Submission for planning
  • Photo realistic render is available at this stage

Stage 3


Starting to get serious now…

The working drawings are commenced and a full fixed price contract is prepared.
 Once the contract is signed, the building permit is submitted to council and everything is full steam ahead. This is the final stage where you can decide if you are ready to own a FORM Home.

Key Points
  • All documentation, Product Selection complete
  • Fixed price contract with supporting documentation prepared
  • Building Permit submitted on signing of contract

Stage 4


This is where the magic happens

Manufacturing of the building envelope begins in our factory while other team members will be on site preparing and managing all site works. Rather than slowly seeing your house be built, we’ll be building your house off site and then rapidly assemble everything on site so you go from ’empty block’ to FORM Home. Of course, nothing can commence until we have full council permission. Our factory door is always open so you can come see your home be built and ensure everything is to your absolute satisfaction.

When ready, the home is packed and delivered to the site. Once there, it is assembled and finished, ready to handover to you.

Key Points
  • Pre-Start meeting to confirm finishes selection
  • High performance building envelope is manufactured
  • Works on site begin
  • Building envelope is delivered for assembly
  • Finishing works begin