A collection of Granny Flats for Perth offering a host of lifestyle enhancements and added potential from your existing property.

Establishing a new standard of planning to make the small BIG!

Offering high returns on investment, we believe ancillary homes (or if you’re old school, you might call them Granny Flats) shouldn’t be left behind in design thinking.


Housing and rental affordability have become the hot topic. To meet this growing demand in Western Australia, Granny Flats are now permitted as an ancillary home.

These homes not only advantage this growing demand, but offer a high return investment with several other long term advantages. They can help to reduce mortgage stress, assist in accommodating an ageing family member, an extended family or that painful ‘live at home teen’.


Addressing privacy is crucial in the siting of any Granny Flat. We have anticipated every siting option to ensure both the new and existing home can maintain privacy.

We assist each home owner in selection of the most suitable design, whilst planning the orientation of our unique outdoor living module. This module enhances privacy to both the established residence and the Granny Flat whilst serving to define the bounds of allotted outdoor space.


Planning spaces from the outset to maximise functionality around the way we live and furnish our homes, has resulted in incredibly space and cost efficient layouts.

This complete approach right through planning to the way these homes are finished, ensure usability, comfort, internal privacy and ultimately ‘liveability’. This approach safeguards your investment over the longer term, making certain these homes will always be in rental demand.

The Compact Home

Use Defined Areas

The feeling of open plan with the structure of defined living and furnished spaces.

Screened private space

The outdoor living module is orientated upon planning to maximise privacy.

Unique Bunk Room

Our bunk room solution provides a brilliant option for a ‘kid space’ or home office.

Combined Meals Area

Combining kitchen and dining provides for maximum space utilisation.

Maximised Storage

Ceiling height built-in robes, linen press and kitchens, maximise storage opportunity.

Our Compact homes result from a complete design approach.

Compact Home Styles

Styles cleverly conceived to be in harmony with a garden setting, whilst contrasting in style to the established home. Designs that give aesthetic separation and character individual to each home.

Select from one of these three elegant style options, or match your design to one of our bold Slim home styles.

Click any option to enlarge.


Striking lines and bold proportions establish a visual boundary to the home’s private space. Contrasting smooth and textured materials complement landscaped elements beautifully.

Our Formal styled compact homes feature built in passive privacy and all-weather protected outdoor living.

Perth Granny Flats

Inspired by the charm and nostalgia of the riverside boathouse with a clear yet playful architectural narrative. This style sits well within any established area and softens within well landscaped yards.

Fold styled compact homes gain passive privacy protection from a wrapped division wall to the outdoor living module.

Prefab Granny Flat

A clean, fresh contemporary look. Our clever annexure allows for the wrapped division wall to be orientated to maximise visual and acoustic privacy to both the compact home and the main residence.

Fresh is the perfect style for all early or newly established areas, and both minimal and established landscapes.

Granny Flat

Now select from our 1, 2 and 3 bedroom layout options below to best suit your anticipated needs.

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Meet The Fatboy

Perfect as a separated granny flat for a family member or guest accommodation. With designs to suit all aspects and approaches, these are the ideal design for smaller inner city properties.

Fatboy 1.1

The perfect compact home or granny flat for the small yard. A side entry allows the living space to be orientated away from the established home to maximise privacy.

Freeform Homes
Fatboy 1.2

Suited to narrow blocks, privacy is maximised by orientating the outdoor living space toward the rear boundary, away from the established residence.

Freeform Homes
Fatboy 1.3

Inclusion of a defined study makes the perfect private residence for any young professional. The home can be orientated toward, or away from the established home.

Freeform Homes

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Meet Slim

To maximise investment return and security, these Granny Flats are appointed to meet the demand of a discerning rental market. They also make the perfect accommodation for the extended family.

Slim 2.1

A space efficient layout making use of our bunk room solution to maximise living or working options. Siting toward or away from the established home is optional.

Freeform Homes
Slim 2.2

A well rationalised layout packed with features and large resultant spaces. A side entry allows orientation away from the existing home to maximise privacy.

Form Homes Perth
Slim 2.3

With dual master sized bedrooms and ample storage this layout maximises achievable rental returns. Siting is optional toward or away from the home.

Freeform Homes

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Meet Slim Jim

For the corner site there are no better designs available on the market! Sized to deliver ideal accommodation for the young family and unprecedented return on investment.

Slim Jim 3.1

Maintaining our best practice in planning achieves an incredibly space efficient layout. Siting is best orientated toward the existing home or sideways in the yard.

Freeform Homes
Slim Jim 3.2

Ultimately suited to corner sites where maximum return on investment can be achieved. A design well rationalised to maximise living spaces and functionality.

Freeform Homes
Slim Jim 3.3

Corner sites offer high returns through the siting of these three bedroom designs. Efficiencies in layout have maximised the use of space and liveability.

Freeform Homes

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Meet Tiny Tim

Built on the success of the Slim Jim, these designs maximise internal floorspace whilst providing a cosy courtyard for the growing family!

Tiny Tim 4.1

Ideal for families looking to give their kids their own space with sleeping areas on opposite sides of the home.  Cohesive living area is perfectly situated in the middle of the home.

Freeform Homes
Tiny Tim 4.2

A generous indoor/outdoor living area maximises entertaining possibilities whilst keeping bedrooms together on one side of the home.

Form Homes Perth
Tiny Tim 4.3

A very spacious design with two bathrooms gives more privacy and encourages entertainment with its sizeable indoor/outdoor living area.

Compact Homes

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