Bring your dream design to us, anything is possible with our high performance homes.

Take our high performance building technology and tailor it beautifully to your needs.

For too long, people have been shy of modular building because they felt they couldn’t have the home of their dreams. With Freeform, anything is possible.


Our high performance construction techniques can be used for Single Storey, Double Storey, Multi-Residential, Extensions, Granny Flats and anything else you can conceive.

A FORM Freeform home is designed with you and the world stage in mind.  Although our designs are big, our footprint is small and your home is built to be flexible around you.  The process of creating a Freeform home is meticulously planned but adaptable in its outcome.


Off-the-shelf and Freeform are antonyms.  A Freeform home is whatever your mind can design, and it’s our responsibility to make that design possible using the latest in home construction techniques.  Our experience in design and construction allows us to deliver you a stunning, innovative home.

It is our responsibility to create a bespoke design for you and your site that fits in with your vision and budget.


Planning spaces from the outset to maximise functionality around the way we live and furnish our homes, has resulted in incredibly space and cost efficient layouts.

This holistic approach, from initial concept designs, right through to planning the way these homes are finished, ensures usability, comfort, internal privacy and ultimately ‘liveability’. This approach safeguards your investment over the longer term, making certain these homes will always be in rental demand.

The Freeform Home

A sample of the latest completed projects

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