Luxury modular homes are on the rise

The demand for luxury prefabricated and modular homes is on a meteoric rise in line with the awareness that prefab homes don’t have to be sub-par to conventional homes.  As written by the Wall Street Journal,


“manufactured homes are getting a luxe update, as more homeowners embrace prefabricated properties for their quick turnaround”.


Historically, manufactured, prefabricated and modular were all lumped together into the same category as transportable, demountable and mobile homes.  The common theme meant consumer believed prefabricated was equal to an inferior quality. That notion is being quickly dispelled as multi-million dollar homes are being manufactured in a factory. 


All of the items we use in our day to day life such as our phones, cars and televisions are all manufactured in a factory so it only makes sense to take the rigorous quality systems and transfer them to building our homes.


‘A mobile home is a manufactured home, but built to a lower standard. Modular homes are also manufactured in a factory environment, so that confuses people,’ says Kurt Goodjohn, co-founder and chief executive officer of Dvele, a fellow prefab manufacturer building luxury homes in the US.


In Australia, new home builders are opting for the modular and prefabricated approach due to its speed, comfort, efficiency and ultimate cost savings.  With new technologies available each day, our customers can select from endless upgrades to take their home to the next level.


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