The Future of Perth’s Sustainability

Cities like Perth draw humans to them like steel to a magnet. With increasing numbers of people pinning their hopes and fortunes on our city, there is a greater need than ever for Perth to improve its sustainability through the years.

Sustainability means carefully managing all available resources so that we can enjoy a balanced, long-term existence. In even simpler terms, use less of the bad stuff and moderate the use of the good.

Now the big question: how do we create a sustainable city where over 2 million people want different things? Population Australia says that Perth has seen the fastest growth rate in the country over the past seven years, adding around 20,000 to 160,000 people per year.

That’s a lot of extra demand on our environment, our social structures and economy. If sustainable practices are ignored, as seen in some areas of Australia now, the long-term effects will be harder to overcome and be at a greater cost.

We believe the sustainability of Perth begins where the heart is – with an environmentally friendly home.


Greener Housing

The days of building a huge home to the land’s boundary, only to have two people living in it, are dwindling. The maintenance is high, the occupation of the land is under-utilised, and trees are sacrificed.

The central focus of greener housing is smaller environmentally friendly homes, better equipped with energy saving appliances and greener house blocks. These smaller sustainable homes, like Form Homes’ pre-fab designs, still deliver the best of living conditions even though they’re reduced to about half the size of the average home currently built in WA.

Greener housing can be taken to exciting new heights as seen in the metropolis of Sydney, where space and trees are hard to find. The groundbreaking Central Park tower won the World Green Infrastructure Award in 2014 for its external green walls that provide refuge for flora and fauna. The building harvests storm water, reduces heat island effects, and improves air quality.


Greener Housing in Fremantle

Locally, the City of Fremantle has taken a green housing proposal to the state planning minister with the hopes that it will become the new benchmark for environmentally friendly homes. This greener housing plan would deliver a greater sense of community as smaller, clever sustainable homes develop into diversified designs and communities enjoy the cooling, calming effects of more green space.


Sustainable Homes in Fremantle

The sustainable homes of Form Homes feed perfectly into Perth’s green housing future. Modular by design, less material waste and designed to enjoy natural solar benefits are just the start. Then there’s far less impact upon the land as the home is built off-site in Form Homes’ factory before being transported to your site for assemblage.

Precision building at our factory also means the home is extremely air-tight, maximising your heating and cooling.

We’re passionate about Perth’s sustainable future. Now, it seems, the rest of the west is catching up. If you’re excited about the reliable and beautiful alternative of environmentally friendly, sustainable homes, join the club! and give us a call – we’d love to help you with your energy efficient housing design.