Building for the Future

You’re going to change and adapt over the course of your lifetime: people will come and go, your needs will shift and vary, and your preferences will transform along the way. Have you ever imagined a home that could stay right with you through all of life’s changes? Well, we have! Adaptive homes are the way of the future: not only are they space savers and sound financial investments, but they are also adaptable and changeable as you move through life. Form Homes offer a unique and revolutionary service, designing and building adaptive homes that work with you, not against you.


As families grow and lifestyle needs change, a home that seems comfortable and spacious one day can be constrictive and difficult the next. A home that starts out as an investment for a single person can become the home of a couple, then perhaps a growing family. When these big changes happen, people are often forced to invest in a new property to accommodate everyone. Adaptable homes have revolutionised the building industry. Form Homes’ adaptable home designs offer both a primary residence and an ancillary residence, offering privacy and space for older kids, guests or ageing parents. They are accessible and proportionate, and are specifically designed to give each member of the household privacy and space – while incorporating an open plan living area.


Adaptable homes are also sustainable – and that doesn’t just mean that Form incorporates green building technologies to operate alongside the environment. Although our small and adaptable homes are eco friendly, they are also built with the sustainability of your family in mind: focusing on long term housing affordability and adaption to the changing life of a family. Investing in an adaptable home means that when it comes time for your teens or young adults to transition to living on their own, they can do so on your watch first. When your parents need a smaller space or an accessible space close to family, they can have that as well as their own privacy.


Our adaptable homes are designed to adapt to the needs of a family, the needs of a worker and the needs of you. From incorporating the changing requirements of a modern family, to the needs of someone who works from home or owns a small business, the advantages are endless. The adaptable housing model allows you to deal with the pressures of a growing family while staying put in the space you love. It also allows for your ancillary space to be turned into an office or two, or a space for entertaining, a studio or any other hobby or working space you may require. And, the layout of our adaptable homes ensure that room uses are interchangeable and your house design isn’t rigid.


Imagine no more! Think this all sounds pretty great? We do too, and we have designs on hand right now for you to take a look at. Don’t invest in a home that won’t change with you in the future – find a home that will accommodate all your needs and change as you do. Form Homes are offering a sophisticated, sustainable and affordable adaptable housing model for clients in Western Australia. Get in touch with us today to find out about our complete service and get the ball rolling on your new home.