Bricks Vs. SIPS (Structural Isulated Panels)

An often overlooked, but important factor to consider when you decide to build your own home, is the materials in which you choose to build with. In the early 1960’s, the choice of building double brick was the most obvious decision to most home builders. And although double brick is still a predominant choice in Perth, the choice to embrace new building methods is becoming increasingly popular in order to keep up with a world that’s passionate about sustainability and energy efficiency.

What are SIPs? (Modular Homes)

SIP homes (which can also be referred to as modular homes) are rapidly gaining popularity in Australia. They’re at the forefront of innovation in the Perth building industry and continue to grow in popularity among new home builders.

SIP homes are constructed with Structural Insulated Panels with the bulk of the construction taking place off-site, meaning the pieces are simply put together once they are transported to your site. This sees new homes shoot up in lightning speed times, saving money on site and labor costs for the home builder.

What is double brick?

Double brick is the most common home construction method in the Perth Metro area.

The construction consists of two sections of masonry (brick) separated by a cavity, which keeps moisture outside the house. An uninsulated double brick home heats up and cools down slowly. This doesn’t always work effectively – if you’re interested, we recommend reading up on thermal mass to understand why double brick uses energy inefficiently by today’s modern standards.

Why SIPs?

Mechanically designed to remove thermal bridges through insulated building panels, they are far more energy efficient than any other building method on the market, meaning sizable savings on utility bills for years to come.

There are some common preconceptions about SIP home designs; the quality isn’t as good, the designs can’t be customised, they don’t have that brand-new-in-the-80s brick look. All myths busted, in 2016 SIP homes perform very well structurally and aesthetically. Modern technology means SIP homes are of the highest standard (they must be by Australian building standards) and they are more customisable than ever before.

At Form Homes, we believe in more than just homes, we believe in creation. Creating homes that operate at optimum performance is a goal. And creating homes that are beautiful is a passion. Pioneering towards a world where homes run themselves, we’re passionate about expanding the use of ecological housing in Perth. Contact us today to chat about our universal designs, and how your new home can fit into your lifestyle.