Rapid Build Times

Having a home built and ready for living in half the time is practically an art.

For us, this has been developed and fine-tuned over years of creating Perth houses with fast build times.


The first stage is discovery, where we learn about you and what you need. Then we get down to business in the planning stage; we’ll survey the land, submit the development application and fine tune the details of your future home. With all approvals in place we’ll be ready to present you with a contract for your home at a fixed price. Just sign the dotted line and we’ll jump straight into the fourth and final stage – building.

Detailed Planning

Achieving a fast build time doesn’t happen by chance. We work on your home both on and off site simultaneously to maximise efficiency. The actual building of your house happens off site. Once we’ve perfected the construction, we’ll assemble the home on your land. Gone are the days of watching your home slowly but surely rising from the ground up. However, our doors are always open if you’d like to see your new home being made.

The smaller the home and land, the closer you’ll get to a 12 week build. The amazing turn-around times isn’t the only reason to consider downsizing though.  Granny flats and tiny homes can be hugely economical. Not only will the land cost less and less the smaller you go, but you’ll also be saving on bills as you reduce your electricity and water use significantly.

Tiny houses present a fantastic option for those looking to break out of renting. The fast build time means you’ll be able to stop paying rent as soon as possible and the affordability makes it a very attainable entry level home.

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