Limited Earthworks

Building homes can be disruptive and distracting, but with FORM Homes, we ensure that there is limited earthworks, noise, rubble and disruption to the environment and site

What Does “Earthworks” Means?

In many cases, there can be quite a lot that needs to be done to a block before it is deemed fit to have a house built on top of it. This could involve anything from clearing a plot of land to levelling and grading or connecting water and electricity.  Homes being built on un-level ground or slopes will often need the most earthworks to ensure the home that goes on top will sit flat. When the earthworks to your land are complete, then site works, and preparation will also need to be completed.

Why Limit Earthworks?

As well as being disruptive and annoying to your neighbours, excessive earthworks can also be damaging to the natural environment where your home is being built. When ground is pulled up and replaced it can greatly harmful to any local trees or plants that had been growing there. FORM Homes is committed to sustainable building and environmentally friendly homes, and so limits all earthworks.

How Can Earthworks Be Limited?

FORM Homes’ unique method for new builds means that earthworks can be easily limited. All FORM Homes are built off site, and then brought to your block to be rapidly assembled. As the actual building process doesn’t happen on your block, many earthworks are not needed. Furthermore, the earthworks that are needed can be done simultaneously with your house being built off site, minimising time, resources and saving the environment from the extra burden of having a full team working on the land for months at a time.

The right choice for you and the environment