Earthquake Resistant

While earthquake damage may not be the first thing you think of while building your dream home, it’s an incredibly important factor.

From a safety perspective, it is essential to have a home with the strength in its structure to stay strong and undamaged in an earthquake. Some older homes, particularly those made from bricks and mortar can be prone to damage and even falling rubble in an earthquake. Having confidence in the internal structure of your home means you’ll always feel safe, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

On top of the added safety of a home build to withstand an earthquake, these homes are also a great financial investment. If there is a destructive earthquake, you won’t be left with a big clean-up bill or need to fix large areas of your home.

Form Homes knows that both your physical and financial safety are of paramount importance, that’s why all the homes are earthquake resistant.

While this may sound incredible or even impossible, the technology behind SIP Form makes it achievable for every home. SIP Form is the manufacturer of the structures inside every creation from Form Homes.

SIP Form create what’s known as modular buildings. These use a more advanced technology than traditional homes. All panels are quality controlled and precisely built. There is no un-even wall, no gaps; only clean-cut edges. SIPS utilise the rigidity of the bonded, precision engineered panel in combination with the high tensile jointing to create an extremely robust envelope to the home.

This makes the whole of your home rock solid, giving you, the safety and security needed in case of an earthquake.

Keep your family safe with an earthquake proof home