Cyclone Resistant

Cyclones and other strong wind forces can cause huge damage to homes, sometimes even destroying them.

This poses not only a huge safety concern for homeowners and their families, but can also be a financial burden when homes need to be repaired or rebuilt.

The best way to avoid this devastating situation is to ensure your home is cyclone resistant before it’s ever put at risk. With so many people living in coastal areas of Western Australia that are open to the elements and winds of the ocean, it’s especially important to be aware of the risks that cyclones pose.

Form Homes use a variety of unique materials to create cyclone resistant homes.

The first material comes from a supplier called Weathertex. Weathertex create timber weatherboards, which are highly durable and resistant to cracking. Even in the toughest of conditions, the Weathertex exterior to your home will stay strong and solid – protecting the interior to the hash elements of nature.

Coming with a 25-year warranty, the Weathertex boards are highly reliable and trustworthy.

With Weathertex protecting the outside of your home, Form Homes use Sip Form’s modular homes to create a highly durable internal structure for your home. Sip Form uses millimetre accuracy in structuring the panels that form a home’s floors, walls and roof. With no gaps and only clean-cut edges, the structure is unmatched by bricks and mortar, protecting your home from any harsh winds or cyclones.

When building your home, choosing a Form Homes house made with Weathertex exteriors and a Sip Form structure is your best option. Not only will it be long lasting and great for the environment, but you’ll be protecting both your family’s safety and finances by being prepared for cyclones.

Find out how your home can be cyclone proofed.