Eco Friendly

New constructions can have an incredibly detrimental effect on the environment.

From the materials used, to the actual process of building – it’s important that Perth homes look to sustainable builders.

Furthermore, as electricity prices rise, choosing to create an eco-friendly home ensures that you’ll be capitalising on the rising price of electricity.

Form Homes is committed to creating sustainable homes in Perth. A key way in which this is achieved is by using different and innovative materials that are gentle on the environment.

Using Hardies Fibre Cement creates strong and durable structures, while protecting the environment.

Because this cement is so durable, the buildings it supports are longer lasting and so place less strain on the eco-system through unnecessary rebuilding. This cement also delivers significant benefits on warm days with its ability to cool rapidly at night. This means less time using the air-conditioning and even more savings on electricity bills.

For external timber cladding, Form Homes use Weathertex products. Weathertex products have undergone vigorous evaluation to receive international certifications for the environmental sustainability. The completely natural products make homes look amazing while being highly functional and eco-friendly.

All Form Homes structures are supplied by Sip Form. “SIPS” are lightweight composite panels, the internal and external cladding are bonded to the insulated core to create a thermally efficient and robust envelope to the home. Their advanced technology has been used in North America for many years to deal with the cold climate. Now the technology has been adapted to offer the same great buildings WA, and deal with the diverse West Australian climate.

Not only is this generally a cheaper option than the traditional bricks and mortar, but also carries many other benefits.

Firstly, rather than taking months or even years to take form, SIP Form modular buildings can be assembled within days or weeks. Furthermore, the energy efficiency means they’re very much in line with Form Homes’ sustainable approach to building.

As the world continues to rapidly develop, building an eco-friendly home is more important than ever.

Eco friendly homes will pay off not only throughout the building process, but also over their lifespan as they save so much on electricity bills.

Find out how you could be living in an eco-friendly home.