Australian Made

Choosing to buy Australian made products and services is not only best for you and your family, but also has much wider positive repercussions.

This is especially true when it comes to building your home. As an Australian made product, you can rest assured that your FORM home is good for you, the environment and Australia’s economy.

Locally Sourced Materials

FORM homes are built here in Australia with locally sourced materials. For builders and designers this makes collaborating and minimising costs much easier. These cost saving are then passed on to you, the consumer. Furthermore, these professionals will be qualified according to Australian standards, so you know everything about your home will be up to scratch with local and national housing laws.

Choosing Australian builders will also greatly reduce the environmental impact of building your home. Rather than using excessive amounts of fuel to ship parts to Australia from overseas, all elements of your home will have just a short commute to their final destination, having been locally sourced.

Australian Guarantee

When you choose to keep your building project here in Australia, you’re also doing your part to help Australia’s economy. With every Australian made purchase, whether it be something small or something as big as choosing Australian builders, there are more jobs created, welfare benefits saved, and tax revenue generated.

Perhaps most importantly though, an Australian builder like FORM homes will create a home that is tailored to you and your lifestyle. Being experienced in the Australian market makes us better equipped to pay extra attention to the details of your home. We know how Australian prams and wheelchairs manoeuvre, and so ensure your floors and doorways allow for this. We know about Australians’ shopping habits and make sure getting your shopping from the car into your home is as easy as can be. And most importantly we know about all the safety features that are going to make your home liveable now, and well into the future.

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