Termite Resistant

Termites can be a real pest in homes and often cause serious and costly damage.

Termites (otherwise known as white ants) are a small insect that feeds off dead trees and turn them into organic matter. While this is a vital role in nature, this same instinct means that they will often teeth through homes made with solid wood. While one termite on its own may not cause much damage, the reality is that they most often live in colonies of up to 200,000.

Termites cause such serious and costly damage that the advice of the government when buying an existing home is to include a White Ant Certificate Clause. This means the buyer will be fully informed of any existing termites or pervious structural damage.

Keeping your home to yourself and preventing it from being termite food can be easily done though.

The best way is to have a completely termite resistant home.

Form Homes can help you achieve this with a completely composite home. When a home is fully composite, there is nothing that the termites can eat to give them any nutrition – unless they eat your furniture.

Form homes are made from SIP Forms – which are millimetre perfect panels, custom made for your home. Being completely free of wood, not only are they of no interest to the termites, but they are also very environmentally sustainable in both their production and also in their life span.

With no damage from termites, your home will last for as long as you need it and will have very minimal impact on the environment.

Having a termite free home is important for the structural integrity of your home, the re-sale value and of course your day-to-day comfort. The best way to avoid the catastrophic damage caused by termites is to make sure your home is termite proof from the start.

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