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Stiebel Eltron ventilation turned lifesaver for one Sydney family. In an all-too-common story of hidden damp, humidity and mould, the home space had become a concern for health, comfort, and quality of life.


A wet subfloor and minimal airflow meant areas of the home had become overwhelmed by sickly “mouldy” smell — stuffy and close to uninhabitable. The family’s mother Marina said that in the space her son’s eyes were very sore, he was constantly sneezing and eventually complained that “he could not take it anymore”.


Marina’s son is not alone. Thousands of people around Australia annually report a wide range of symptoms that go un-attributed to mould and bio-toxin build-up in the home. Symptoms that range from red itchy eyes and sneezing to more serious concerns like fatigue, difficulty breathing and asthma flare-ups. Diagnosis can be difficult or even impossible with people in the same space having completely different responses (if you are experiencing these symptoms or have concerns about mould related illness, please see your local GP). In any case, it becomes important to have a whole-home approach, where good ventilation makes the difference.


“The air is now healthy” the difference ventilation makes.


Marina enlisted the ventilation experts at Air We Care, who were quick to apply the Stiebel Eltron LWZ 70 E. The LWZ 70 E ventilation and heat recovery unit cut through the mould-stale-air, taking both biomaterial and humidity immediately out of the dwelling. Stagnant air was flushed out and instantly replaced with fresh filtered air from outside, all kept at an even temperature by cross current heat recovery. Saving the day with climate and comfort control, the results — healthy air and a liveable family home.


The son’s symptoms are gone, and the family home is once again a place of living comfort. The change is ‘Unbelievable” says a happy Marina. “The system is quiet and low power use. It is amazing! It maintains the same temperature in Winter and Summer. The shower did not have an extraction fan — the system now takes care of that. The air is now healthy.”


Mould is becoming a recognised problem for health. As the personal cost is counted, more and more, ventilation solutions are an easy way to mould free and healthy air outcomes in our homes.


For “healthy air” like Marina’s, Stiebel Eltron has you covered. If you are feeling overwhelmed by stagnant and unhealthy air, reach out to us to discuss a Stiebel Eltron setup