Why Eco-friendly Designs Are the Homes of The Future

The home is such an integral and important part of our lives. They are important milestones in our life as we spend so much of our time creating ever-lasting memories within their four walls. Unfortunately, they can also be quite damaging on our environment. Australia has been relatively slow to embrace environmentally friendly and sustainable living trend; however, things are starting to change.


Society is becoming far more conscience of the impact we have on the environment, and how home designs can affect this impact. Take a look at Finland for example, which ranked number one in Yale’s 2016 Environmental Performance Index. As a country, they have made a commitment to become a carbon neutral society by 2050 and already have made significant improvements in the areas of water, sanitation, biodiversity and habit.


A major trend coming out of this green living revolution is green architecture. It’s becoming popular not only for its environmental benefits, but also for building appearance. Green architecture is the creation of plant covered walls and vertical forests on the outside of buildings and they’re beginning to appear in skylines all over the world. This design trend is helping to stop the damage building cities of skyscrapers can cause, as these eco-friendly structures help clean polluted air and stop the continual use of steel and concrete.


While helping save our environment may seem like a large task, there are various ways you can make your humble abode an environmentally friendly, green home, and play your part in saving Mother Nature.


Double Glazing


By adding a double glaze to your windows and doors you not only help keep the warm air in during winter, but also keep it out during the hotter months. This minimises the need to use heating and cooling systems, which helps both the environment and your back pocket, thanks to smaller energy bills.


Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
When we think of renewable heating water most of us probably think of installing solar panels on our roofs, but now there’s another option. Heat pumps don’t use solar panels, but instead extract heat from the surrounding air, water or ground.


Water Storage Tanks


These have been around and in use for a little while, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. Installing a tank on your property to collect rainwater is still one of the most environmentally friendly water storage options out there.


Smart Lighting


Help save the environment and make your life a little easier with smart lighting. With the ability to control lights from anywhere in your home with your smartphone or tablet, smart lighting is inexpensive, easy to install and a great way to minimise energy use.


At Form Homes, all our homes and granny flats are built with sustainable and environmentally friendly products, helping to take Perth into the future of sustainable living. Whether you’re looking to build your new home, or add some additional features to your