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What is a transportable home?

Building a new home is a big decision that requires meticulous planning and work.   However, with all the technologies and building methods available today, it’s important to understand the differences between the types of homes you can build.


In Perth, homes have largely been constructed as double brick external walls and single brick, or stud frame, internal walls.  That’s how it’s done today and how it was done 60 years ago – but there are different options available now and the market is starting to take notice.


Broadly speaking, the other option we’re here to discuss with you are prefabricated homes.  Prefabricated, or ‘prefab’ homes are manufactured off-site and delivered to site, either partly assembled or fully assembled.  The key distinction here is understanding how much of the home is assembled off-site vs on site.


What is a transportable home?

A transportable home is a house that is built off-site in a factory and, once constructed, is then transported to a separate location using a truck. A transportable home can be temporarily or permanently placed in one location before being moved to another at a later date or, just like a traditional home, it can be attached to a concrete pad and left there as a permanent residence.


When people think of a transportable home, the first thing that comes to mind is a square, box-like building with a typical cookie-cutter design and structure. And this wouldn’t be unreasonable as many transportable homes are literally boxes for people to live in (hello mining dongas). But as new and innovative technology is developed, those typical ‘cookie-cutter homes’ have been evolving and changing those old perceptions.


In short, a transportable home is a house of any size that is moved from one location to another and is built off-site.  It is simply a type of prefabricated home.


What do we do?

Here at FORM Homes, we are advocates of all advances in building technologies.  That being said, we are a prefabricated home builder that typically uses structural insulated panels (SIPs) to construct a home.  Our homes are not transportable but the components (walls, flooring, roofing) are manufactured off-site by our sister company, SipForm™ and delivered to site, ready for assembly.  We like to think of our system as modular method of construction.


Why go prefab?

More and more people are turning to prefabricated homes, whether they are a modular system or a transportable home. By having a home built in a factory, there are fewer disruptions to the building process which leads to homes being built and delivered to site in far less time than conventional construction methods.  We have to stress that this isn’t due to cutting corners or using cheaper solutions, it is due to the construction process. Building within a factory means that weather conditions can not hinder the building process, delay supply delivery or get in the way of the home reaching the next stage of construction.  In addition to the improvement in efficiency, prefabricated and transportable homes are manufactured which leads to a level of precision that is unrivalled by conventional construction.



We hope you enjoyed reading this post.  If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with us at  We can’t wait to hear from you.