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How It Works

Here at FORM Homes, we want to provide you with the most seamless way of building a house.  All projects start with a budget and we have created this tool to align your vision, your budget and our pricing so we can build something beautiful together.


This tool is designed to give you a ballpark figure on your project based on some standard variable costs.  It’s still a computer and no one can give you a more accurate price than one of our friendly, human staff!


Simply fill out the form below, press next and you’ll be automatically emailed a breakdown of the cost to build your FORM home.  If you have any questions, always feel free to call us on 08 9468 0023.

Build Your FORM Home

Is my block rural?

If your block is located outside a 30km radius from the Perth CBD, there will be an additional charge per sqm

Do I have a sloping block?

We deem any block with a slope of greater than 500mm to be sloping and will require additional siteworks


A High Performance, Super strong, Fully Insulated, Double Glazed, energy efficient envelope...