Sustainable Builders Perth

Making Fun @ Scale

An invitation to support this event in Perth was too good an opportunity to miss for the launch of our first range of housing solutions.


This exhibition is a support event of The 2014 National Architecture Conference.


The exhibition poses this question to designers: “How consistent is the process in designing objects of various magnitude through the making of scaled or real size models, maquettes or prototypes?”


This exploration is depicted by Charles and Ray Eames in their film the Powers of Ten, conceptualising the relative scale of the environment in which we work.


You can view Powers of Ten here >


The exhibition features submissions across multiple creative fields of urban design, architecture, visual arts, furniture and object designs.


Visiting the Exhibition


Works on public display:
QV1 Foyer, St Georges Terrace, Perth.

The National Architecture Conference

Running from:
Mon 5 May – Fri 16 May.