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Ancillary Homes

The Benefits of a Modular Home

We’re living in a golden age of modular homes. Also known as pre-fab homes, we at Form Homes prefer to call them pre-fab-ulous homes! Conceived in 1908 by American company Sears Roebuck and Co., it made architecturally-designed homes easier for everyone to attain. The modern-day modular design is built inside a factory,...

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Eco Modular Home Backyard

The Cutting Edge Eco-friendly Designs Of 2017

We all know how important it is to decrease our footprint on the environment. We know how to do it with our water consumption, rubbish disposal and carbon emissions, but what about your home? We have a few tips and tricks to help make your home more environmentally friendly using...

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Prefab Granny Flats

Why Eco-friendly Designs Are the Homes of The Future

The home is such an integral and important part of our lives. They are important milestones in our life as we spend so much of our time creating ever-lasting memories within their four walls. Unfortunately, they can also be quite damaging on our environment. Australia has been relatively slow to...

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Ancillary Homes

The Benefits of Building Up Instead of Out

Are you running out of room at home? Do you have a small block of land but are wanting to add more space to your existing home? Now you can. Perth home builders and designers, FORM Homes, can help you expand your home by building up instead of out, with...

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Renewable Energy Can Power Efficient Homes

We’re lucky to live in a country with year-round sunshine, warm summers, and mild winters. All those warm days do come with a catch though – we consume an incredible amount of energy keeping our houses cool in summer and even warm on winter nights. On average, around 40 percent...

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Modular Homes

Stop Paying for Bad Designs

In the past, many of Perth's homes were built with poor insulation and without any energy-efficient features. This means that heating and cooling a traditional double brick property is not only expensive, but also inefficient, especially when compared to modern standards.   One of the terms often used to describe these energy...

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Small Eco Homes

The Three Little Building Methods

One fine summer’s day, the three little pigs were nursing their lattes at a hipster café in Fremantle and bickering. You see, all three of them were each in the process of designing and building their very own customised home, but they couldn’t agree on what was the most sustainable

Bricks Vs. SIPS (Structural Isulated Panels)

An often overlooked, but important factor to consider when you decide to build your own home, is the materials in which you choose to build with. In the early 1960’s, the choice of building double brick was the most obvious decision to most home builders. And although double brick is...

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Sustainable Homes

Building in the Perth hills

Less than 30 minutes and still within view of the Perth CBD among winding roads, picturesque views, beautiful forests and fresh air, the Perth hills is an idyllic place to settle down. Because many of the houses built decades ago in the hills are now outdated many, empty nesters and...

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Compact Homes

Welcome To Our New Website

We hope you enjoy the new FORM Homes website design which is more visual, more interactive and has more information for you to learn about.   The FORM Homes website enhancements include   New Home Designs and Projects Section A Cost Calculator for you to get a quick idea of how much it will cost to build...

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