Catching up to energy efficiency

There are tougher seven-star energy efficiency standards for new Australian homes set to be approved within the year and we couldn't be happier with the decision.   Our vision at Form Homes has always been to build high performance, energy efficient modular homes that will deliver cost savings for years to come. ...

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Eco Modular Home With a Pool

How much does a FORM Home™ cost?

It’s a question we’re often asked, and the best answer is in the form of another question; ‘how long is a piece of string’? To begin with, an architecturally designed Passive House sits at the far end of a spectrum of building options. It represents a set of standards being...

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Eco Modular Homes

Knockdown and Rebuild

Even the most luxurious and beautiful homes will age and either need some serious renovation work or need to be knocked down and rebuilt completely.  If your Perth home no longer hits the mark and you’ve decided it’s time to start fresh, let’s discuss the very popular, knockdown and rebuild...

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Luxury modular homes are on the rise

The demand for luxury prefabricated and modular homes is on a meteoric rise in line with the awareness that prefab homes don’t have to be sub-par to conventional homes.  As written by the Wall Street Journal,   “manufactured homes are getting a luxe update, as more homeowners embrace prefabricated properties for their...

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Healthy Homes: Start with Indoor Air Quality

For most of the population, we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, and the overwhelming majority of that is inside our own homes.  We think of our homes as a sanctuary so it might come as a shock to know that some of us are living in...

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Form Homes Perth

What is a passive house (PassivHaus)?

  Passive House (or PassivHaus) is essentially about high performance design that can be summarised by 5 principles or performance criteria.  The system ensures a design delivers very high performance and comfort for the lifetime of the building, pluging the “Performance Gap” often experienced in building operations.   It relies on building physics...

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stiebel eltron

Fresh Air Solutions

Originally posted on Stiebel Eltron here   Stiebel Eltron ventilation turned lifesaver for one Sydney family. In an all-too-common story of hidden damp, humidity and mould, the home space had become a concern for health, comfort, and quality of life.   A wet subfloor and minimal airflow meant areas of the home had become...

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Neuroarchitecture: What is it and why is it important?

Winston Churchill beautifully quotes, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us,”.  For hundreds, if not, thousands of years, builders and architects instinctively understood that our spaces have the ability to influence us.   Historically, there wasn’t really a word for it but over the last few decades, a cutting edge field,...

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Compact Homes

Welcome To Our New Website

We hope you enjoy the new FORM Homes website design which is more visual, more interactive and has more information for you to learn about.   The FORM Homes website enhancements include   New Home Designs and Projects Section A Cost Calculator for you to get a quick idea of how much it will cost to build...

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environmentally friendly homes

Building for the Future

You’re going to change and adapt over the course of your lifetime: people will come and go, your needs will shift and vary, and your preferences will transform along the way. Have you ever imagined a home that could stay right with you through all of life’s changes? Well, we...

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